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Vine Fruit

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 Vine Fruit





                                                   Grape phylloveria




                                                                                     Grape phylloveria



                                                 Grape flea beetle damage




                                                                                  Grape leaves with phototoxicity from herbicide




                                                                                      Grape vine with tomato gall





                                                                Grape black rot




                                                                                         Grape with chlorsis 






                           Grape with downy mildew and chemical damage





                                                                              Grape with flea beetle larve




                                                                          Grape severe black rot                                                        






                                                                             Kiwi with edema on the fruit



Kiwi with edema on the fruit




                                                                                         Kiwi with excessive bark sloughing



Hardy kiwi




                                                                                        Kiwi with salt injury via guttation, on leaves









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