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                                                          Blossum end rot, caused by uneven watering and calcium defiency




                                                                                           Fruit blemish canker and stink  bug damage




                                                                                                                        Alternaria on tomato fruit







                                                                                                     Late blight on tomato fruit




                                                                                                                   Late blight on tomato plant




                                                                              Parasitized tomato hornworm




                                                            Pepper maggot




                            Anthracnose on tomato fruit




                                                                                                        Tomato epinasty from 2,4,D (Herbicide spray damage)




                                   Late blight on tomato fruit




                                                         Late blight on tomato leaf




                                                                                   Bacterial canker on tomato field





                                                                                                                                      Bacterial canker on tomato fruit





                                                                                        Large blossom scars on tomatoes




                                                                                                        Tomato Graywall








                                                      Tomato Hornworm larve



                                               Tomato fruit puffiness





                                                        Bacterial canker in a tomato field




                                                                                                    Damping-off root rot in tomatoes




                                                                                                                                             Leaf roll on tomatoes



              Slug damage on tomato fruit




                                        Varigated cutworm damage on tomato fruit




                                                                                                                                                  Tomato leaf damage from late blight





Tomato with growth cracks on fruit





                                                                       Tomato with herbicide damage on leaf





               Tomato with late blight symptom on the fruit




                                                                                Tomato with late blight lesion on the leaf



                              Tomato with late blight damage on ripe fruit




                                                                                                Tomato with late blight on ripe fruit, infection



                                       Tomato with late blight stem scar mold




                                                                                             Tomato late blight white mold on ripe fruit



                               Tomato plant with leaf roll




                                                                                                         Tomato with pin worm webbing



                                       Tomato with pin worm on the leaf




                                                                                            Tomato leaf with Roundup drift injury



                                                                               Tomato leaflet with aphids






                                                                                                                           Tomato with close up of septoria leaf spot




                                                                     Tomato with Septoria leaf spots showing spore horns





                                                                                                               Tomato fruit with uneven ripening or yellow shoulder




                                                                                                        Tomato (greenhouse) botrytis petiole canker



      Tomato with "ghost spots" caused by the Botrytis fungus on lower left of fruit.




                                                                                              Tomato (greenhouse) leaf edema and distortion



                                Tomato (greenhouse) phythotoxicity




                                                                                                    Tomato (hydroponic) pithium damage



                Tomato (greenhouse) physiologic leaf roll




                                                             Tomato with adventitious shoots emerging from botrytis-damaged stem.



                Tomato with alternaria canker on stem.  Note tell-tale concentric rings. 





                                                                                                       Tomato with alternaria on leaf



                                    Tomato with bacterial canker fruit spot




                                                                                                  Tomato with bacterial canker damage



                                 Tomato leaf with bacterial leaf spot and bacterial speck




                                                                                                   Tomato fruit with bacterial spot



                       Tomato botrytis cankered fruit




                                                                     Tomato epinasty (twisting) caused by growth regulator type (2,4-D) herbicide.








                                           Tomato girdled by wireworm




                                               Greenhouse-grown tomato fruit with "green shoulder" caused by high temperatures on top of fruit.



Tomato with magnesium deficiency, which can sometimes be induced by excessive potassium levels in soil







                                                                               Tomato with chlorosis (yellowing) and epinasty (twisting), probably from herbicides or air pollutants.

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