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Plant Doctor is a web site designed for the hobbyist, home owner, or professional grower. The Plant Doctor will help the user determine the plant problem and then link them to a solution.  



To operate this site:

    First:      From the Plants Menu on this Front Page, choose the plant group that is showing damage.

    Second:  Once the choice has been made, a link will take the user to a page with photographs of plant damage;

the pictures may help you determine your damage problem.



Plants Menu

Choose the type of plant that you have a problem with:

    Annual Flowers





    Deciduous Trees

    Evergreen Trees

    Fruit Trees


    Ornamental plant problems    


    Perennial Flowers


    Squash and Pumpkins


    Sweet Corn


    Vine Fruit




Most of the photographs are from the archives of Jeff Mizer, A Penn State Extension horticulture educator from Snyder County for over thirty years. The PlantDoctor

web sight was designed and edited by Dale Rozelle, a Master Gardener from Snyder County.


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