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Evergreen Trees

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 Evergreen Trees




                                       Cytospora canker of spruce






                                                                                                                                     White pine weevil damage on Douglas-fir




                                                                                           Spruce spider mite damage



                    Bag worms on arborvitae-- look like "pine" cones




                                                                                      Arborvitae killed by bagworm





                                      Needled evergreens defoliated by bagworms 



Bagworms on Douglas-fir sticking their heads out of the cocoons and crawling around the tree to find more green needles to eat.





                          Herbicide damage on spruce





                                                                                  Lophodermium needlecast on pine



                                               Scale insects (reddish immobile bumps) on taxus




                                                                                            Cedar apple rust, close up



               Douglas-fir Swiss needle cast (note the two rows of black dots on the underside of each needle)




                                                                                   Douglas Fir suffering winter desiccation



                                 Elongate Hemlock scale on Fraser Fir




                                                                                              Elongate Hemlock scale on Fraser Fir



                                                                  Elongate Hemlock Scale close up




                                                                       Pine, Contorted White, with winter desiccation, scorched needles



                                               Spruce needle spot, close up




                                                                        Spruce twig with excrement and mold, possibly from a sucking insect






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