Deciduous Trees







Oak killed by wood borers-- probably two-lined chestnut borer-- after serious gypsy moth defoliation 






                                                                                               Dogwood borer damage




                                                                                                                                          Dogwood buds killed by Anthracnose fungus 


                              Eastern tent caterpillar  (tent in crotch of branches)






Eastern Tent Caterpillar





                                                                                              Fall webworm  (webbing on tips of branches)








                                                                    Oak gall





                                                                                                     Sycamore lace bug








                                                                 Elm leaf beetle skeletonizing leaves







                                                                                          Elm leaf beetle damage in early summer



                                        Pear thrips injury on Japanese Maple





Crimson King Norway Maple with Pear thrips nymphs



Japanese Maple with Pear Thrips injury



                    Elm tree affected by slime flux







                                                           Birch tree with Blumerellia leaf spot



                                    Dogwood leaf scorch




                                                                                                                 Hackberry Nipple Gall psyllids under leaf



                    Hackberry Nipple Gall psyllids on leaf top




                                                                                                                       Honeylocust canker with fungal fruiting bodies



                                         Japanese Maple with winter injury




                                                                                                               Maple leaf with mealybugs



          Sweetgum tree with terminal canker, die back, after a hard winter




                                                                 Japanese plum tree with Japanese beetle damage



                            Japanese Plum tree with Japanese beetle damage, close up