Good example of black raspberry crop





                                                                                                                  Raspberries with a cane or spur blight





                              Leaf curl virus on black raspberries





                                                                                              Verticillium wilt on black raspberries








                             Black raspberries with Anthracnose fungus and a cane gall (bacteria)




                                                        Black raspberry basal chambers inside site girdled by unknown insect



                            Black raspberry cane feeding or oviposition site




                                                                                                             Black raspberry cane showing wafers between chambers



                          Black raspberry probing or mining scars




                                                                                                             Black raspberry late leaf rust (leaf underside)



                               Black raspberry late leaf rust, top view




                                                                    Blackberry gnomonia canker



                 Blackberry sterility problem or possibly high temperature injury




                                                Raspberry cane borer exit hole



                                     Raspberry cane borer tunnel




                                                           Raspberry sawfly




                                     Raspberry cane borer grub




                                                                                                                               Raspberry cane borer grub head